Stepper motor connector

I am looking for an on-board connector socket (male) 2.4mm distance between pins. The connector I have (the one that will mate with the connector I am looking for) measures about 11mm by 4mm and has two raised “guides” that I assume fits slots in the mating on board connector socket.
Here are some photos of the connector that I have that will plug into the connector I am looking for.

Hello @ov10fac

Take a look at XHP-4

The pitch is 2.5mm. You can verify the measurements in the Datasheet.

Thank you. That’s the one I already have on the cable end. I need the mating connector (male) that I can mount on a circuit board and plug the XHP-4 into.

If that is the right one then 455-2249-ND would be a mating option that is vertical and through-hole.

That’s the one. You saved me a lot of searching time. Many thanks.

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