Looking for a right FFC part number

I am looking for an FFC,14 connectors, 150 mm long, 1.25mm Pitch, and on all four naked ends with backers on one side. I bought this part number WM16781-ND from Digi-Key. The product diagram shows that the cable has uninsulated terminations on both ends both sides. But the side which was covered with the backers was insulated throughout the length. Can someone suggest to me the part number of FFC with 14 connectors, 150 mm long, 1.25 mm Pitch, and uninsulated termination at all ends?

That does look like you received the wrong part in this instance. However, I don’t see an option in the filters to make sure it doesn’t have insulation all the way. It’s very possible it’s designed this way on purpose so that the terminals have something to sit on. Anyone else here on the forum who knows if this is the case for the rest of what’s available here: Cable Assemblies | Flat Flex Ribbon Jumpers, Cables | DigiKey ?

Maybe the drawing used for this part number is wrong. I found a slightly different drawing for this part number on Molex’s website which I interpreted to have insulation throughout the length on one side. Is there any FFC cable with naked termination at all ends? I saw an option of dual contact on Mouser’s website but not sure what that looks like. I didn’t find any cable with 14 connectors and 1.25mm pitch with that option.


Your Technical reference number is T4258543.
The email the product manager directly at