Looking for a shielded SATA connector

I’m looking for a board-mount shielded SATA connector, ideally right-angle, but the priority is the connector needs to be shielded.

The only two active options I found are Adam Tech’s SATA-A-PL-SMT-K and SATA-J-NP-SMT-P-S-P. But looking at this Adam Tech catalog, it looks like SATA-A-PL-SMT-K isn’t shielded? And then from the drawings, SATA-J-NP-SMT-P-S-P looks like its eSATA instead of SATA.

Am I missing something here? Are there currently no active shielded SATA connectors in stock?

The second of the two P/Ns mentioned would appear from the P/N key to be of the SATA form, though drawing and image would suggest otherwise; it’s a rather bold inconsistency.

That said, lack of shielding is the norm for SATA connectors; they’re intended for use internal to a shielded case, so the cost associated with shielding isn’t of much benefit. eSATA, well that’s a different story.

So to answer the question directly, I don’t believe there are any shielded SATA connectors available in stock at this time.

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