Looking for ac dc wall mount replacement

I was trying to use the filters to search for a matching plug, but the output is listed as 38V, which I’m not finding anywhere.

It is a light ( Globe Electric LED Floor Lamp Torchiere, Energy Star Certified, Dimmable, Super Bright, 43W, 3010 Lumens, Matte White Finish 12783, 70.9") and the prongs broke off the plug when movers took it between offices at work. Globe Electric said they couldn’t help.

MODEL : AY39AA - BF3800902 - US
IMPUT : 100 - 240V - 50/60 HZ
1.2A MAX 42W
OUTPUT : 38V —— 0.9A (-)——(•—-(+)
LISTED E485663

The head of a pen doesn’t fit all the way in, so I think it is 2.1 mm.

Any suggestions?

Welcome to the forum.

The marking says “LED Driver” rather than power supply. So I suspect it is not a normal AC/DC wall mount power supply. Instead it is a constant current power source that supplies a fixed 0.9A at up to 38V (a normal power supply would provide a fixed 38V at up to 0.9A). This should mean you can buy a replacement 0.9A LED driver supply with a voltage rating of 38V or higher.

Unfortunately I can’t find any direct plug-in LED supplies with that amount of power available. All I can find are supplies designed for in product or, in wall, mounting. Perhaps somebody else on the forum can locate a substitute for this product.

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