Looking for connectors

Looking to make an extension cable with this connector and the mating one. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Aaronbdsn,

This is likely DMS3106A-16S-1PF from DDK.

(Page 6)

Heke, AsamaLab

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Hi @Aaronbdsn,

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I believe @heke has identified the exact part you have. Unfortunately, we don’t carry that manufacturer. It does look like the following connectors that we do stock are probably compatible with it. One notable difference is that it looks like the plating on yours is zinc plated with black cation electroplating finish, whereas the following are cadmium plated with olive drab chromate finish.



Optional cable clamps:

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Thank you that helps a ton.

I just received the connectors in the mail today. The terminals are 90Β° from the orientation slot versus what I’m trying to connect to. Is there a way to rotate them?

Could you please attach a photo of the issue you are having?

Thank you!


I called technical support and found out I need the β€œW” orientation and I ordered the normal. You cannot change the orientation of the terminals.