Looking for Jam nut for Connector

Hey there, I lost the jam nutt for this bulk head connector -

I am looking to order a new one. I have already ordered this one

but this did not work as it is too big. Some direction on this would be super helpful thanks!

Hello Jack_fraughton, welcome to the DigiKey TechForum.
The only other size 24 hex nut, is 1734-1119-ND, which will have the 1 11/16-18 UNEF-2B threads. I do not find a hex nut like this, with the 1.6250-18 UNEF threads, that is shown on your photo of the datasheet. The size 24 nuts normally will work for the size 24 connectors.

Is there cross reference from another brand that would work? My only other option at the moment is buying the entire connector which is obviously much more expensive.

The only other similar option found 889-3092-ND. Please review datasheet as there may be differences.