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What’s the value or how can i find a surface XL resistor?

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I’ve never heard the term “surface XL” resistor before.

Can you provide a link to a web page that shows it or describes it?

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Are you sure it’s a resistor? What is the number on the circuit board for this part? The part marking may also be 7X. What is the physical size?

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It looks quite a bit like a surface mount fuse. We’ll see if we can find any that match those markings. Accurate dimensions would help a lot.

Hi logankeyservice,

Looks like it’s probably a resettable fuse, specifically the NANOSMDC075F-2, which is a 750mA 1206 sized (3.2mm x 1.6mm) resettable fuse. The image we show on our website is from the same series, but a different current rating, so it’s part marking is different.

From the datasheet for that part, it looks like this:

So the marking is actually a special logo symbol, which looks something like an “X” and then an “L”.