Looking for Reed Switch For Electric ATV

I have a custom electric ATV and to add safety I would like the user to wear a wrist strap that is connected to a magnet reed switch configured such that when the user removes their hand from the handle bar, the ignition switch is disconnected and the vehicle wont move. Can anyone recomment a reed switch for this?

Hello @skyeg3 and welcome to the TechForum.

I would start out by saying there are a number of commercial options available that are plug and play for this that unfortunately we do not carry. This is a very common concept for snowmobiles and personal watercraft. I have also seen them on most of the brand name youth ATVs so there may be an option to look into there.

Of course I also like the idea of building things myself. There may be a couple options for switches however the first thing you will need to know is the current of the line you are going interrupt with the switch. If this is simply the wire that goes to the key it will likely be low but you will still want to check.

To check you will need to open the circuit and using a meter check the amount of current that is going through the wire while the vehicle is running. With this information we can start to look at options that are rated to handle the current.


Ok great to know this is common. It is low current its just the ignition switch which has small wires but not sure of exact numbers. I’ll measure voltage and current. Thanks!