Magnetic killswitch for motorcycle


I am looking for a simple on - off kill switch that connects or disconnect one wire in a motorcycle.

I would like the switch to disconnect the wire when the magnets are together.

And therefore switch should connect the wire when the magnets are NOT connected.

Basically a reversed kill switch behaviour.

The voltage of the wire is really small max 12v and current is also minimal.

The wire basically gives orders to relay.

Hope you find good and small footprint alternatives for me.

What you’re describing they call a Magnetic Reed Switch - Click Here

You need a Normally Closed (SPST-NC) switch type or a Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) with the Normally Closed side wired up.

We also have some Magnetic Reed Switch based Sensors that could do this in our Position, Proximity, Speed (Modules) category.

As long as your definition of minimal is 0.5A or less then a 1A NC reed switch should work.

Because of the delicate nature of reed switches, derate the switch’s current rating by 50% for a good lifetime (multiple years).