Looking for replacemet Varta CP9440A4X/P26-00911 or recommend replace parts

we are looking for Varta CP9440A4X/P26-00911,
do you have agent this part?
would your recomend replacemet this part for us?
if you can please connect with me, thanks a lot.

Hello user115,
Welcome to the Forum, thank you for your inquiry. I am sorry, I am unable to verify the part as given. Can you verify the part number and also give a full description of the part or more of the parts electrical specifications or a datasheet! A clear photo of the part might also help.

Digi-Key does not carry Battery products from Varta at this time.

The product in question appears to be a rechargeable lithium ion battery in a 9.4x4mm format, introduced as a new product in the last few years. Unfortunately, we do not have any alternatives to offer.