Looking for Schottky Rectifier SOD-123FL diode

Hello, I am looking for Schottky Power Rectifier, Surface Mount, SOD-123FL package to run a engineering test
The part number I search in are MBR1H100SFT3G,NRVB1H100SFT3G; I found 0 in stock in Digi-Key.
or any similar part to STPS1H100, but STPS1H100 package is too big to fix to PCB, I need SOD-123FL size.

We had issue on our product, try to test and replace a part working.


Welcome to the community. I see that both MBR1H100SFT3G, NRVB1H100SFT3G, STPS1H100, STPS1H100 have a max operating temperature of 175c. We currently don’t have anything with that temp in the SOD-123FL. But, there are a few parts with the SOD-123W package here with the higher temperature that may work.

Also, if a lower operating temp will work, the current in stock parts in a SOD-123FL package case can be found here.