Looking for thermocouple wires

Hi, I am new to electronics. I’m looking for thermocouple wire replacements for my project. I placed my order on Omega Engineering two months ago and have not received my order. I’m hoping to find the same products on Digi-Key.

Here’s what I am looking for:
Constantan thermocouple wire: https://www.omega.com/en-us/temperature-measurement/temperature-wire-and-cable/thermocouple-wires/tfir-ch-ci-cc-cy-al/p/TFCI-005-100

Copper thermocouple wire: https://www.omega.com/en-us/temperature-measurement/temperature-wire-and-cable/thermocouple-wires/tfir-ch-ci-cc-cy-al/p/TFCP-005-100

I wasn’t able to find the exact equivalent on my quick search, but I also don’t know much about how different the conductor cables listed on Digi-Key are from these thermocouple wires I am lookin for. Any help would be appreciated.

Best, Ting