Looking for USB Cable

I need to replace a cable we can no longer get, it has no markings on it.
It’s a USB-A to open end. We use it as a contact closure to a normally open switch, closing the Red(5V) and Ground. When you plug it into a PC it comes up as a generic HID. When you close the contacts it simulates a keystroke. I don’t care what keystroke or even care to be able to reprogram the keystroke. We can make the hardware it triggers accept anything.
Thank you.

Hello @bl-tw-nc,

Welcome to Digi-Key’s TechForum. Would you have more information on the specifications of that cable? I was able to find some options that match that description in our Cable Assemblies - USB Cables category. You can use our filters to narrow down your options or let us know some more of the specifications and we can try and find some more options.

That means it is not just a cable, but a cable assembly that includes a USB micro programmed as an HID device. Likely the micro is in the USB A connector shell.

You are correct, I took one I have apart. The chip says CH551g. It does not have to be the same as long as I can make it operate as this one does.

Hi @bl-tw-nc,

I didn’t see any USB assembly with that particular MCU onboard, though we do have a connector/eval board with CG551G: 1597-102991475-ND

I understand you probably don’t need the CH551G specifically, but in either case I am not aware of a USB assembly with the same function as what you described, at least in our stock.