Lost Schematic on Scheme-it

Hi, can anyone help with recovering a lost schematic on Scheme-it?

I have a number of diagrams saved on the site and this is the first time I have ‘lost’ one.

Help much appreciated, as a lot of work went into this schematic.

Thanks Deon.

Hi @Deon - We can look into that for you. Do you have the name of the lost schematic and also a link to a current schematic that is still accessible?

Hi Cody

Thanks for getting back to me.

The name will be something like “HRP cDAQ test box schematic”.

Current project link: https://www.digikey.co.uk/schemeit/project/hrp-test-box-switching-diagram-rev-5-11809e2adef546deaadf9b01f3bbdbd4/

Many thanks

Thank you, @Deon. Do you know an approximate last saved date for the missing project? Once I have this I’ll pass the information to the Scheme-it team.

Probably 1st Feb 2022 but could also be the 2nd Feb.

Thanks Cody.

Hi Cody

my name is matt and was hoping you could help me find my lost schematic on scheme it?
I started the design a few days ago and it had asked me to log in. when I did that it went to a white box and I lost all my design.

Thank you for your help

Hi @matt1 - Was your project saved recently before it was lost - if so, what is the project name?