I am trying to use a LPS22HB to measure pressure in a liquid. The device is the right pressure range but I don’t see a nozzle on the picture to attach a probe. Is this the right part or is there another match for it. Are these suppose to be used for atmospheric only.

From the data I see for that item it would look like it would be more geared for atmospheric measurements.
Also this item would not have a port on it.

The 223-1623-5-ND is also listed to be in a similar pressure range however it is listed to be water resistant. However it still does not have a port either.

I would also recommend looking at the options in the below link which maybe a better match for you in terms of type of transducer.


You might want to take a look at these. They all have attachment points for tubes, are either vented gauge or differential input type (necessary for liquid pressure measurement), and they either have digital or amplified analog outputs suitable for direct input to MCU analog or digital pins. They have at least as wide a pressure range as the LPS22HB.

If you can tell us more specifically what pressure range you actually need to measure, we might be able to expand the list. Also, if you can handle low-level signals (mV range) that might also expand the options a bit.