Luxman R117 Receiver Capacitor ID

A little background: Relay RY701 (in series after C701) is chattering 3-5 times when powered on cold start or after a minute or so after last start. Capacitor C701 VAC readings vary on each pulse as OL and < 50VAC during chatter; then stabilizes at 117VAC and fully powers on. ESR of C701 is OL/OF when measured in circuit and after removal of capacitor.

Pic of C701 attached & the R-117 service manual describes the C701 as:

C701 08E04371SO1 MF 0.01 uF

Appreciate your time and help.

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Given the receivers’ age it’s quite possible that film capacitor is the problem.

Here’s a search giving suitable parts electrically, you’ll need to choose one based on best size fit and price.

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Thank you Paul! Looks like the 250VAC selection is limited to a metallized paper cap; would it be ok to bump up to 275VAC? Incoming mains is 117VAC.

Yes, a higher voltage is always better in this type of application.

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Thank you…have a great weekend!