Need help to find correct capacitor

Hi everyone,
I am fixing a coffee grinder made in the 70’s in Europe.
I cannot find the same capacitor, can you please help me to find one that I can use instead of the old one.
I try to look for one with those specs:

  • 0.1 Uf
  • 400Vac
  • 1500Vdc
  • 85 Degrees

Is that the right way to look?
Thank you in advance.
The picture should give you a better idea of what it is.

The picture won’t show for me but judging by your description and specs I think this is a through hole, AC line voltage application in a 1970’s consumer appliance. Assuming that is correct I would also recommend you get a replacement with an X rating for line voltage safety.

Digikey has two suitable substitutes:
This one may work if the original is PCB mounted and has a similar lead spacing.
This one should work for any terminal strip, wire lead, or PCB, mounting style.