MacBook Pro Resistor/Capacitor Designations

I am looking at a MBP schematic and have a couple of questions as I am trying to finalize my part order.

  1. Mysterious package designation: there is a 1UF capacitor designated with a package size of 402-2. Pretty sure that is a 0402 package, but what does the “-2” part mean?

  2. Differences between TF, MF and MF-LF resistors? Is TF thin or thick film within the context of Apple schematics? This becomes more confusing when I am working my way down through the catalog to the specific resistor I need: i.e., even if the schematic calls for an MF resistor, the catalog only returns thick or thin film resistors for the specs entered. Does it really matter? Point being, upon entering resistance, tolerance if applicable, power rating and package size I am presented with type designations that do not always align with the schematic.

  3. And finally, just to make sure I am correct, with 0 ohm resistors any tolerance designation is moot as far as replacing parts. Right or wrong?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The -2 at the end may be for 2 termination points. Other than that, I wouldn’t know. We do not use that type of callout for the package size. The different types of resistors Metal Film, Thick Film, Thin Film,… may have certain applications that would be best to stay the same, but mainly if the Resistance, tolerance, and size match, it would be worth a try. Mainly if you can not find an exact match. For the tolerance, you are correct. For the percentage of tolerance for a 0 ohm resistor, if it’s 1% or 10%, (0 x 0.01 or 0 x 0.1, the answer or change is always 0)

The main differences of the resistors is the material inside that make up the resistor.