Hello, Can anyone please help identify these resistors?

This board is from a GE Refrigerator and this resistor is on the evaporator fan circuit.

Thank you

Hi @afges, welcome to the forum! Those look to be a pair of 2 ohm, 5% tolerance resistors. The exact power rating is hard to guess, but I would think that this part number will work as a good replacement, based on the appearance and size of the resistors:

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Thank you very much!

I would like to replace the 2 capacitors shown in that picture as well. They are clearly marked with the rating, but Iā€™m not sure what the appropriate replacement would be since you have so many available. Would you also be able to guide me on the best replacement? Iā€™m attaching another picture so that you can see all the markings on them. Thank you.

The capacitors are 470uF 25V from Rubycon. I was able to find these options that should work for you. You can select the dimensions for a part that is similar size.

Thank you very much Steven!