Making a Calix GigaHub 8-pin to DC Power Adapter

Hi all first time attempting something like this due to no adapter of this kind being available.

The Calix GigaHub ONT device (for fibre internet connections) seems to use a proprietary 8-pin connector similar to that of a PCI-E or EPS 12V but the cutouts are not 100% the same between either of the two I’ve mentioned. My backup power uses DC male barrel cables and PoE but the CalixGigaHub I has support for neither.

Now I want to potentially cut the Calix cable up and attach a DC barrel female to it - should this be possible? More details on the PSU for the ONT device can be found here on page 21. Says it needs 12V 2.5Amp which is what my backup power can supply.

Anything I need to look out for or does someone know of the intended backup power solution for the Calix GigaHub is? I live in South Africa so I’m not sure what my options are locally.

Hello BigDataDave, welcome to our Tech Forum! Thank you so much for reaching out to Digi-key for your request. I am not familiar with Calix GigaHub power solutions, so I checked with several other technicians for their input, with no luck. Calix does offer the barrel connector option on page 22 of your document. We do carry similar power supplies, but we would not know the specific connector used for this equipment.

Here are some similar type power supplies that we carry, but I am not certain which if any, would work with Calix equipment.

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One of the Mini-Fit Jr. series connectors (or compatible) can occasionally be found used as the output for wall-mount DC power supplies. Failing that, it’s probable that the connector in question is an item of retail trade. Measure the pitch (lateral distance between adjacent contacts) distance between rows, number of positions, etc, and plug some of that info in here to look for other possibilities.

Modding a wall wart adapter cable is a fairly common workaround, and quite reasonable in a pinch. Just make sure that whatever the backup DC source is, that it provides a reasonably well-regulated 12V similar to what the OEM adapter does. ( e.g. an automotive “12V” source probably isn’t a good idea.) And do be sure to get positive and negative sorted out properly…

Digi-Key does ship to South Africa currently, though I’m unsure what shipping, taxes, etc. may apply in any given case or if they’d be prohibitive for a small order. The folks at appear to be making a business of reselling DK products in the region, and may be of some assistance on that front.

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I see - thanks for the input everyone! I’ll give contacting my ISP/line provider one more shot otherwise then I’ll start looking at making a custom solution myself and sourcing parts from what was mentioned here.