Mating panel-mount connectors

What mating panel-mount connectors have you? I need 4 position, and would prefer M12 or something similar


The question might perhaps be easier answered in the negative. There’s about 150-some options for 4-position panel mount M12 connectors in stock, linked here.

Easiest way to find a mate for a given product from that list is to click on one to go to its individual product page, scroll down, and look for “mating products.” Not all connectors have mating products listed, so failing that approach searching for products from the same manufacturer series is a good backup plan.

Thanks for the reply. I have bought two panel-mount 1/2" connectors that “mate”, but found that the threading on each was fixed, so it was impossible to join them. The only connectors I have seen with rotating thread are the cable-end (aka in-line) ones.

From the datasheets, I can’t tell whether the treading on a given connector is fixed or rotating. Thus, I would be grateful for a specific example of a pair of panel-mount M12 4-position connectors where one (preferably the female) has a rotating shell of thread that can turn onto the thread of the other.

Typo, second paragraph, first line: treading should be threading

If the objective is to mate two panel-mounted connectors, a blade-type solution such as that seen in cordless power tools would seem a more appropriate solution.

Circular connectors are almost never used in such applications because their geometry does not readily accommodate motion between the two bodies to which each half would be attached. Without some flexibility, the connector set would likely be damaged due to shock & vibration. Such connectors with a retention mechanism are used even less frequently (if ever) in such applications for the same basic reason, but also because it’s inconvenient to reach between two closely-spaced panels to operate the mechanism.

If you’d care to elaborate a bit on the application and its requirements, we may be able to offer some better suggestions.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll think about blades, then, as an alternative to D-subs.