Meanwell NTS series Fully isolated (positive Ground)

Hi, wondering if Meanwell’s NTS series of inverters are fully isolated, as I cant see it on the data sheet. Hoping to use in a 24VDC system with positive ground. I’ve used the DDR series with great success in this system…


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I would say the NTS series of inverters are not fully isolated.
There is no mention of it on the datasheet, and the chassis has a grounding lug on the back.

Most devices that convert between line-voltage AC and low-voltage DC are indeed isolated, both for safety reasons and the practical benefits of employing transformers for the task. Though it is admittedly a simplified representation, the block diagram from the datasheet implies the presence of an isolation barrier between the AC output and DC input.

yeah that’s what i was thinking… where the heck did you find the block diagram!?

NTS-250P series datasheet, page 3.