Megawin part alternative

Hello everyone!!

Could someone recommend a replacement part for Megawin MG87FE52AE?

This is a PDIP 40 package single-chip 8 bits microcontroller.

Thanks ahead!


Welcome to the DigiKey Tech Forum! In regards to finding a potential alternate for part#MG87FE52AE I wasn’t able to find an in-stock direct alternate that ran off of the 80C51 processor that also had the same footprint/package 40 PDIP. Embedded - Microcontrollers
Here are two potential in-stock options that may work but please note they run on a different processor as well as have a different I/O pin count.
Embedded - Microcontrollers

I’m leaving a datasheet link below for you to use as a reference to see if the parts I have suggested will work with your application.
MG87FE52AE Datasheet


Hi Nick,

Thanks for the advice!!

I’ll look into the datasheet.