Microsemi Maker-Board M2S010-MKR-KIT


Yep, that’s the same error I get when launching it in 5.1

I’ll give native Linux a go tonight.


Works in Ubuntu 16.04 Softconsole 5.2. I have no idea what the problem is. One annoying thing is the buttons. Do you have this problem with the drop down buttons?



No, they look normal to me. At least for 5.1 and 4.0.
It seems to be some combination of windows and versions greater than 4.0 that have the problem with debugging


Anyone willing to try this out on native Windows?


I think I have an old table around here with windows 8/10 on it. I’ll try to do it soon, probably tomorrow.


So, I’m having trouble with my tablet. Something to do with the java install. I’ll try to figure it out soon and get back with the results of native windows.