Missing Voltage Regulator in ULPSM

Upon checking the ULPSM schematic and checking to our actual board we found out that there is a missing component specifically, U1 it is supposed to be precision voltage regulator.

ULPSM_R10_SCH.pdf (923.6 KB)


Do you have the full part number you ordered ? I am not seeing this one listed in our system with the information provided. If the part is defective and missing a part , you would have to contact Customer Service with your Salesorder number.

Customer Part Number: 1684-1002-ND
Supplier Part Number: 968-001
Country of Origin: US
Date Code: 4221


I would still recommend you call in , or send an e-mail to customer service. They are not on the Technical Forum. Due to the board being defective they will have to help on this type of request.

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I am not sure what you are providing now. This is the technical forum. This has nothing to do with returning a part. You need to call in and talk to customer service or e-mail customer.service@digikey.com . They will handle the defective product you received.

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It it not uncommon for component footprints to be created on a board and left unpopulated, in order for different functionality to be achieved simply by the choice of which components are populated.

In the case of these boards, the voltage regulator placement is shown on the schematic to be bypassed using a zero-ohm resistor, R12. The absence of a voltage regulator component at the U1 position is not a defect, in the same sense that the absence of a variable resistor at the R7 position is not a defect; these component footprints are present to simplify changes to the board function if a user so desires, but are not intended to be present on the boards as delivered from the manufacturer.

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