MLCC common failure issue (Flex Cracking)

One of the number one reasons for a MLCC’s to become open or fail at the board level is flex cracking. When board is flexed during handling, addition of components, or the wash and solder process damage and cracking can easily happen to ceramic capacitors. These cracks can be hard to see by the naked eye but are very common. Typical options are to go with a soft or flexible termination version’s of MLCC’s. The other options are to follow some of the design and board layout options and recommendations at the TDK FAQ’s below.

Flex Cracking FAQ: TDK Guide To Flex Cracking In MLCC.pdf (458.6 KB)

Video FAQ:

A very common place (among many others) for flex cracking to occur and prematurely damage a circuit is found in key fobs. Pressing overly hard does not increase range and is likely to cause damage to the MLCC’s as a lot of time there is not enough proper bracing under the circuit board.