Molex Tools - Service or Premium Grade Hand Tools?

What is the difference between the Molex Service or Premium Grade Hand tools?

The Service Grade is intended for low volume field repair. This tool is NOT intended for production use and repetitive use of this tool should be avoided. They are low cost ratcheting hand tool. A Service Grade tool may or may not have a terminal locator, and in some cases this may need to be removed to operate properly.

The Premium Grade is a more precision tool that can be used for pre-production. The terminal locator wire stop, holds the terminals in the proper crimping position allowing it to be more user-friendly. Also, there are replaceable components available on the Premium Grade tools, which are stocking at Digi-Key. If higher quality tool is required or a higher volume of terminations, the Premium Grade tool is what you want.

Remember all Molex tooling is “Terminal/Wire Specific”. Molex helps to take the guesswork out of quality crimping by offering a variety of tools designed for specific products. The hand tooling are basically the same, but it is their precision (and user friendly experience) that sets them apart.

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