Molex Ultra-Fit 172256 connectors that use the TPA

I’ve been asked about the Molex Ultra-Fit 172256 connectors. The difference between 1722561002 and 1722561102, which is a 2 position connector, is the option to use a TPA (Terminal Position Assurance) accessory. The TPA will snap into the connector housing, if the terminals are correctly installed. If the terminals are not installed all the way in the housing, the TPA will not snap into place.

1722561002 = Does not have the TPA attachment feature.

1722561102 = Has the TPA attachment feature. (Tabs in the back part)

Click here for the Drawing with the listing of the part numbers with and without this feature. The list is on the right side of the last page.

So the connectors that have the TPA attachment feature, can use the Ultra-Fit 172264 TPA accessories. The 2 position TPA is available in black 1722641002 and Natural 1722642002 colors. The color used is a personal preference, as some may want it the same color, and some may want a contrasting color to easily determine if it is installed correctly.

The connectors with the TPA features, do not require them to work properly. It is just an assurance the contacts are seated properly. So if you are not using the TPA feature, you can use either style in your application.