Mosfet CSD58872Q5D Datasheet Request

Datasheet request for a CSD58872Q5D 8-pin QFN Mosfet.

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Thank you for your inquiry.

I don’t see that a datasheet is publically available for this part, however I’ve put in a request with our Product Management team to see if we can get one from TI, we’ll get back as soon as there is any information.

Would it be possible to obtain a pinout for the mosfet?

Our Product Managment team has responded with the following:

“this has the same package and pinout-naming with the CSD86350Q5D power MOSFET. You can refer its pinout shared on its datasheet:”


Thank you so much.
This answered the mail.

Hi Bart,

Thank you for your inquiry.

What are we looking at and how may we assist?

Sorry for the false alarm. I am working on a question but wanted to see if I could add an attachment. I didn’t mean to actually send those pictures! My mistake.