MSV80 DME Connector Housing

This ECU is for a 2008 BMW 330i.

Customer has sent me a donor ECU, but the connector housing is broken on it. I know this is probably a custom made part, but fingers crossed.


If I search the Internet for “Siemens VDO DME MSV80 5WK90211,” or just “5WK90211”, I see some references to 328i or even as specific as 2008 BMW 328i ECU (not 330i), but this doesn’t lead to any information about the housing for that ECU.

Also, although we have Siemens Industry products on our site, they are not the same as Siemens VDO. Siemens appears to have sold VDO, too, so I am not sure where this product can be found, now. Most sites that I saw online deal with the complete unit–not just an element of the ECU.

In the same situation, I would look for that ECU as a spare part from a junked vehicle. It would probably be less expensive than any site selling the product online, and I don’t think it’s practical to track down just the housing. It may not even be an off-the-shelf assembly component available to the public.

Yeah, that’s what I figured. But thanks for the search anyways. I constantly run into these types of repairs, I normally have to use donor ECU’s for parts.