Multimeters with "Voltage Detector" Feature

Some digital multimeters may feature a “voltage detector” sometimes called a “live circuit detector”.

This feature allows the user to (via non-contact) detect dangerous or “live” AC voltage on a wire or circuit they intend to work on. Most of these meters will have a button to press and hold while pointing the meter towards the circuit, in which the meter will light or make noise if the circuit is live. The closer the meter to the source the more pronounced the detection will be.

These are common for use in skilled/trades, industrial environments, and also general house wiring to make sure the wires are not live before handling them.

Below is a list of some of these meters, please verify specifications will work for your application before purchasing. There may also be a few more meters that have this feature which aren’t listed, the datasheet will list if it has this feature or not.