Multiple temperature and humidity sensors

I’m looking for a solution to connect 8 temperature and humidity sensors to the same microcontroler (ESP8266 for example) on the same bus. I have been looking for a i2c sensor with changeable i2c address but I can only find sensors with a maximum of 4 different addresses.
Is i2c the best communication protocol for my project?
Can I find a sensor with 8 interchangeable i2c addresses?
Or should I get analog sensor and i2c converter separately?
I don’t want multiplexer because I need to have only one cable of 4 wires.

Thanks a lot,

Hello @Xavierdaussin,

Welcome to the forum. I’m working with one of our engineers to see what we can come up with for a possible solution for you. I’ll post again after some further discussion.

@Xavierdaussin take a look at LTC2497CUHF#PBF-ND and let me know what you think.

Thanks for your answer. It looks like a good idea to me. You think no temperature and humidity sensor have a programmable i2c convertor on the market except Texas Instrument but with only 4 different addresses?

I apologize, I’m not aware of any sensors that would work for you.

Could you use something like the TCA9543ADR? It is an I2C 2-channel bus switch. It would allow you communicate with to up to 8 two-bit address I2C devices by connecting four devices on each of two channels.


This would allow for the use of only one cable up until where you placed the TCA9543A, after which one would need two I2C buses.