Murata GRM Series shelf life

Murata GRM Series shelf life is 5 years and can be longer if stored correctly.
This information is from the product manager for this product.
Here is the storage information

  1. The performance of chip monolithic ceramic capacitors may be affected by the storage conditions.

1-1. Store the capacitors in the following conditions:

Room Temperature of +5℃ to +40℃ and a Relative Humidity of 20% to 70%.

(1) Sunlight, dust, rapid temperature changes, corrosive gas atmosphere, or high temperature and humidity

conditions during storage may affect solderability and packaging performance.

Therefore, please maintain the storage temperature and humidity. Use the product within six months,

as prolonged storage may cause oxidation of the terminations (outer electrodes).

(2) Please confirm solderability before using after six months.

Store the capacitors without opening the original bag.

Even if the storage period is short, do not exceed the specified atmospheric conditions.

1-2. Corrosive gas can react with the termination (external) electrodes or lead wires of capacitors, and result

in poor solderability. Do not store the capacitors in an atmosphere consisting of corrosive gas (e.g.,hydrogen

sulfide, sulfur dioxide, chlorine, ammonia gas etc.).

1-3. Due to moisture condensation caused by rapid humidity changes, or the photochemical change caused

by direct sunlight on the terminal electrodes and/or the resin/epoxy coatings, the solderability and

electrical performance may deteriorate. Do not store capacitors under direct sunlight or in high humidity conditions