Shelf Life of Kyocera Multilayer Ceramic Chip (MLCC) Capacitors

We are frequently asked for shelf life on parts. For Kyocera MLCC capacitors the following information has been released from the manufacturer.

Confirm that the environmental conditions of storage for the capacitor are proper.
The performance of a capacitor may be affected by the storage conditions.
The following storage conditions are recommended unless otherwise specified by the detailed specification.

The following storage conditions are recommended.
Recommended temperature range: 5 to 40°C
Recommended humidity range: 20 to 70%RH
See JIS C 60721-3-1, class 1K2 for other climatic conditions.

High temperature and high humidity environment may affect capacitor’s solderability because they accelerate terminal oxidization. They also deteriorate performance of taping and packaging. Therefore, the following storage periods are recommended.

  1. (1) For SMD capacitors, use within 6 months.

  2. (2) When capacitors are stored for a period longer than specified, confirm the solderability of the capacitors prior to use.

  3. (3) Store capacitors without opening their unit bags. Keep them in the same package as shipped.

  4. (4) Even though the storage period is short, do not exceed the specified atmospheric temperature and humidity conditions.

Corrosive gasses in the air or atmosphere may result in deterioration of the reliability, such as poor solderability of the terminal electrodes or lead wires of capacitors.
Do not store capacitors where they will be exposed to corrosive gas (e.g., hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, chlorine, ammonia etc.).
In corrosive atmosphere, solderability might be degraded, and silver migration might occur to cause low reliability.
Due to the dewing by rapid humidity change, or the photochemical change of the terminal electrode by direct sunlight, the solderability and electrical performance may deteriorate. Do not store capacitors under direct sunlight or dewing condition.

For more information on MLCC capacitors please see the Safety Application Guide from Kyocera

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