I just purchased the MUSB-K552-30 micro usb female panel mount.

It has 5 pins, 2 on top and 3 at the bottom. I want to connect a 4 pin micro usb male but I don’t have the exact pinout for the MUSB-K552-30. It only states pins 1 and 5 in the data sheet.

Can someone provide a wiring diagram from the 4 pin to the 5 pin?


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The pinout goes like this:

4 2
5 3 1

Your technical reference number is T4155788

Thank you for that answer! Greatly appreciated.

Is there a pin I can ignore or do I combine two wires into 1 pin (to the 4pin male adapter)?

Maybe better if I ask, what pins control data 1, 5v, ground, and data 2… There are so many contradictory references with the pin numbers, I just don’t want to burn out my board. :grinning:

Hi! I was worried about that also, so I posed your question about tying two pins together or leaving one unconnected to my Product Specialist. I haven’t received a reply, but as soon as I get his opinion, I’ll post it for you.

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I should have said also, the pinout and descriptions of what each pin controls is on page two of the datasheet (I missed it earlier too).

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Yes, I see the pin numbers, just want to verify which pin does what… Thanks again!

Pin 4 on a micro-USB connector is for On The Go capability (OTG). Unless you are using USB-OTG you just leave it open.
More details are here:

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I think the component is defective. Tried the recommended pinout and it is providing no power to the board. Checked with another micro usb cable and no issues.

Just to make sure, I did swap the ground and 5v and still nothing. Either way, did not fry the board as it still works with an off-the-shelf micro usb cable.

Also got an old micro usb cable, cut of the female end and soldered as above and still nothing.


That sounds like you are connecting this to an OTG device (power out of a micro-USB jack is an OTG function).

With an OTG device, when pin 4 is open you get no power out from the micro-USB. When you ground pin 4 of an OTG device then you get power out from the micro-USB connector.

Ref. the OTG section of the linked Wiki article.

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This is the reply received from Amphenol by my Product Manager:
Per my Amphenol contact:
“This is what engineering sent me, I hope this helps”:

Please see attached for the USB specs - on page 10. The pin function descriptions are listed there. There may be other information there that you will also find useful.
Micro-USB Rev1.01 April 4 2007.pdf (1.2 MB)

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Thanks y’all! I appreciate you hanging in there with me.