My Rpi 4B 4GB won't boot up first time

Just received my Pi4 on 8/11. Tried to flash RPi OS 32/64/Lite versions released on May 3rd. None of these boot up completely. They all go blank after Raspberry Pi splash screen with a message “please check your video cable…”. Anything that I flashed a year ago works fine with this Pi. It also works with legacy version that released on May 3rd. I suspect the video driver because I had a very similar problem with another higher rez monitor (32-in) with 64-bit OS. For now I’m OK with legacy version but I want to run the latest version Pi OS to get full benefits of it. Please help and thx!

Welcome to the Technical Forum. I am sending this over to the Product Specialist. I will let you know when he responds.

Welcome to the forum.

You may need to force a specific video option to make it work with that specific monitor.
This one is a commonly needed option for 4K monitors:

Other boot time video options are here:

I’m not too experienced getting RasPi’s working fully with newer monitors but over on the official support forum there are a bunch of RasPi engineers and other volunteers that should be able to help figure it out.