Need a cross for NXP long lead part PCF8523T

Hello! I’m looking for a croos for PCF8523T

Hello Welcome to Tech Form , there is no direct cross for this part , the closes option I locate is PT7C4337WEX-ND

Hello, and thank you for your reply!

It looks like this won’t be available until December 2022, but I’ll keep it in mind for the future.

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Another one to consider is the PCF85263AT/AJ. Looks like it has the same pinout, though there are a number of differences. For one, it will draw a bit more current (280nA vs. 150nA). Also, max I2C frequency is 400kHz vs. 1MHz.

It most likely would require code changes, as well, but we have 2110 in stock as of this writing.

NXP selection guide on page 68 of the PCF8523 datasheet:

Thank you, David! I’ll take a look.