Need an AVR development board with CANbus

We are developing a product that will use an AVR microcontroller as the micro on a slave device on a CANbus. We’d like to buy a development board with an AVR microcontroller with integrated CANbus. However, I haven’t been able to filter the available AVR development boards based on CANbus capability. Can you tell me what AVR development boards have CANbus?


I sent this one out to the get some help. I was not having any luck finding anything active. I just wanted to let you know we are checking.

like part 1568-1834-ND ?


Here is what I got back on this reqponse: Probably hitting two distinct problems: 1) there doesn’t seem to be many AVR MCUs with integrated CAN, and 2) there isn’t necessarily a dev board per each MCU. The AT90CAN(16/32/64/128) family as well as the ATmega(16/32/64)M1 look like the major MCU options, and IIRC most of those would use the STK600 as the general evaluation board for the platfom.

Hi mak,

It does not seem that Microchip has focused on CAN for their AVR line in recent times. The only AVR products with CAN are the AT90CANxx and ATmegaxxM1 series, which have been around for 17 and 13 years, respectively now.

That being said, the Microchip development board for both of them is the ATSTK600 baseboard plus the appropriate routing card and adapter socket for each part.


Routing card:

Adapter Socket:

For the AT90CAN series 64-pin parts, you would need the ATSTK600-RC09 routing card and the ATSTK600-SC02 adapter socket.

For the ATmegaxxM1 series 32-pin parts, you would need the ATSTK600-RC22 routing card and the ATSTK600-SC10 adapter socket.

As a much more affordable alternative, you might consider the SparkFun AST-CAN485 Dev Board @Robert_1552 mentioned above, which uses the AT90CAN128 on a small-form factor Arduino Pro-Mini type board.