Need Extraction Tool for Molex Mini Fit Jr. Male Pins

I work a lot with Molex Mini Fit Jr. 555x series pins. I have the female extraction tool, the 2 pin flat thing.
But I need to remove the male pins. The tool should be round and hallow, very small to push the legs in on the pins. There are so many people sell Molex pin removers but they are all too big.

With as popular as the mini fit jr’s are, I would have thought they would be a dime a dozen.



The only extraction tool Molex lists for that series is the 11030044 which is the one that looks like a tweezers , these contacts are square so a round extraction tool will not work with them . In the link below it shows all the contacts that this tool will work with . And below that link is a link for all the tools for the Minifit JR series that Molex has to offer .

Thanks Craig

Thank you for the reply!

I have the tweezer tool. It works for the mating pin, but I am trying to remove the male pins. Or what I am calling male pins. The tweezer is for the female pin, what do I use for the male pins? There are extraction tools out there but they are all too big. It needs to encompass the roundness of the pin, push the retaining tabs at the bottom to release from the housing. Not sure why this is so hard to find and communicate. Everyone winds up thinking I am talking about the female pin and the tweezer tool (which works pretty good for the female pins).

Hello Eddiie , Thank you for contacting us back, I checked Molex site and they list the extractor for the Mini Fit JR male and female contacts.

Molex Connector Part Number - 11-03-0044
Thanks , Robert

Interesting. There is just no way to use that tool to remove the male pins. Guess I will contact Molex and ask?

Hello Eddie,
The datasheet for the tool also shows tool listing for extraction

Insertion/Extractor Tool (

Thanks, Robert

Amazing. Those are all the female pins in the pictures. There are mating pins those pins plug into and those are the one’s that I am trying to extract. haha Its like the whole world only uses the female side of the pin.

These are the same pins and connectors used in PC’s / Computers, from the PSU to the motherboard. Or any extension type or Y type cable, they have both Male and Female pins. Maybe what is confusing is that they use Male pins in the Female connectors and female pins in the male connectors.

Or, the male pins are in connectors that get soldered to PCBs, by design, they never had male pins in crimp form for insertion into an external connector. ?

Here is a male crimp pin -
0039000049 Molex | Connectors, Interconnects | DigiKey

These male pins go into these connection housings

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Now it says I am replying too quickly. Grrrr

These are the mating connectors for the pins that the 2 prong tool removes.

To remove these male pins from the housing I am picturing something like this, but the hole needs to be smaller -

How would you remove the pins from this connector?

Thank you for the help.

Hello Eddie:

This connector is from the same series and Molex’s extraction tool would be the same, Molex part number, which is Digi-key part number WM9918-ND.

Well, I must apologize. Out of disbelief and frustration, I took the 2 prong extraction tool to the male pin and sure enough there is a little channel the prongs fall into and release the retaining pins!!! Frustrating I had the right tool all along. hehe Thank you everyone for the input and guidance. I was totally expecting a spring loaded tool the would fit around the pin and push it out. Closing this topic! :slight_smile: