Need guide of a vapour chamber heatsink

Hello friend, i need guidance for a vapour chamber construction for my laptop, i know some autocad and SketchUp 3D so i can try building a 3D of it but i need some guidance from you all, i hope i need all the necessary guidance for construction, execution and manufacturing of it, thank you

Waiting for a reply on this,

Hi @AjayB07, sorry we do not have an in-house person to help with Thermal Design’s like this.

Please take a list at our Partners,

Or this software package:


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Hello AjayB07:

Welcome to the Digi-key Tech Forum. It looks like you are checking for heatsinks for a vapor chamber. Following is a link to the vapor chamber heatsinks we have at Digi-key. Wakefield-Vette has a tutorial on the design of vapor chambers that you may find helpful.

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Appreciate you reply on this, thank you