Need help finding a suitable transistor replacement

Hi, I have a small Crest sonic cleaner that I am looking to find a transistor replacement that is on the power board for the transducer, as the original transistor is obsolete. The transistor in question is part number IRG4BC30U. Using the specs on the website looking for a similar match I find IRG4PC30UPBF but it is only available in large quantities and I only need one. The package TO-220-3 is what my original one is but it doesn’t matter as the transistor is extended with wires from the PCB and mounted to a flat aluminum heat sink, so as long as it has leads I can solder onto, any package will work. The IRG4PC30UPBF has a TO-247-3 package which is a little bigger and is fine, just wish it was sold each and not bulk. Wonder why that is?

I did a chat with Digikey support and they couldn’t find any exact matches but suggested part numbers HGTP12N60C3D, SGP23N60UFTU,(sorry I tried to put links but the system only let me put 2) which are similar but some have slightly different Vce(on) (Max) @ Vge, Ic specs or Switching Energy. The SGP23N60UFTU seems the closest, its switching energy is 115/135 vs 160/200 on the IRG4BC30U which I would think would be ok as it’s a lower value then the original, but its Vce(on) (Max) is 2.6 vs. 2.1 on the IRG4BC30U. I’m not an engineer so I don’t know if these little variations are all that important and if one of these will work? Or perhaps another that would work that I haven’t listed. I don’t have a schematic which I’m sure would help. This transistor controls the on off signal to a single ultrasonic transducer. I was in the middle of using the cleaner and the Sonics stopped. It blew a glass 2A fuse on the transducer power board, and upon removing the suspected transistor and testing it with my transistor tester it tested as 2 resistors and not a transistor. All pins were grounded to each other. So I am pretty confident this is the issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Diebog, welcome to the TechForum.
I searched for a possible alternate that would match the electrical characteristics.
Click here for SGP23N60UFTU-ND.
This will have the same package size, and the same pin locations.
Please check the datasheet.
Technical Reference # is T4239130

Is that the same as the one I noted? The 2.6 Vce(on) (Max) @ Vge, Ic spec wont have any effect?


Give the SGP23N60UFTU a try. Be advised however that it’s odd for a transistor to fail without causing/being caused by some other fault, and that the odds of a successful repair via a simple transistor replacement are not good.

“Bulk” here refers to the manner in which a product is physically contained, and does not have any direct bearing on minimum order quantity. DK P/N 2156-IRG4PC30UPBF-ND is actually sold by Rochester Electronics (an outfit that specializes in obsolete product) and the 148 piece MOQ reflects their desire to not bother with small orders.

Thanks for the comment. I think it failed because I overworked it. The unit has a heater to heat the solution and i had it at max and after the sonic timer stopped I turned it back on and continued using it and 10 mins into the second round it stopped. Thinking about it they have a max timer for a reason and I ignored that and tried to push it so I think with the metal housing absorbing the heat from the solution and the continuous overuse the transistor couldn’t’ cool down and it fried it.

I was just searching around and on another site I actually found the IRG4PC30UPBF sold in singles so I may go that route. So the 2.6 vs the 2.1 Vce(on) (Max) @ Vge, Ic spec wont be an issue? I dont know what this does or if it matters all that much