Need Help Finding Connector Part: EDAC 299-017-299-198

Hello everyone,
I’m currently in need of assistance locating a specific connector part, and I’m hoping someone in this forum might be able to help. The part number I’m searching for is EDAC 299-017-299-198. Unfortunately, I’ve had no luck finding it through my usual sources.
I’m looking for this connector to complete a project, but I’m encountering difficulties in sourcing it. Any information or leads on where I might be able to find this part would be greatly appreciated.

Looking at the manufacture’s site there are not many distributors that have this part in stock. This is a part that we should be able to order, but there will be a MOQ. You can contact with the part number and the included link for the part, to request the non-catalog part.


Welcome to the DigiKey TechForum! Although we do carry EDAC, we do not have the 299-017-299-198 available. The manufacturer’s site does have the specifications and measurements, however it might be worth noting that EDAC does allow you to request samples. Requesting them might be able to direct you to where there is stock as well.