Need help finding electric motor connector

Hey there,

I need help finding a connector for a replacement water pump designed to go in my Bosch Ventless Clothes dryer. The motor (shown in the attached photos) is made by Ebmpapst, and it provides the electrical power for the motor to pump water out of the ventless water reservoir of the dryer.

I have attached photos of

  1. the old male connector which is burned out and needs replacement

  2. the new motor (top and side views of the female connection point

  3. Two pictures of model information labels from the motor.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

![motor label 2|375x500](upload://hX6cj0l9PPIkoE9jdCHyoyCD3sC.jpeg) ![Motor Label 1|375x500](upload://5FT89iqtXnajh042cMN9Z7fe3dt.jpeg)

I could not come up with a part number for this one.

Is there any markings or number on either connector?

Doctor Goof,

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I have also looked into your inquiry. While I was not able to find a solution based upon the information provided, I would like to offer up some suggestions that may help us find a solution that can work for you.

Mating Connector

Firstly, the connector you are trying to replace mates to a connector that is custom molded into the motor design. Even though it is custom, I do see some key features however that would lead us in the right direction if some questions were to be answered.

I see square pins. What are the dimensions? L X W X H
Also, what is the pitch of these terminals (click here for help understanding pitch)

Destroyed connector

Looking at the connector that has been destroyed; would you be able to get some better images? The one provided is a bit blurry, the angle is not great, and on that point, multiple angles would give us better understanding of what we are looking at.

Again, what are the dimensions? L x W x H

Additional information

Is it most important that replacement connector be exactly the correct item? Could it be that it is more important that the connection works? The most troublesome thing about rectangular connectors like this is the number of variations, however, there are many that are only slightly different than others. we may be able to find something that will fit even if it isn’t perfect.

Here are examples of things that could potentially be close.
Click here to see some possible Housing options.
Click here to see some possible Header options.


I had another thought. When looking at the destroyed connector, I noticed a hole in the center between the two pins. I would like to know if it is possible that this is a 3 position connector only using two of its terminals. I think the center pin is missing.

Here are examples of things that could potentially be close.
Click here to see some possible Housing options.
Click here to see some possible Header options.

I hope this helps!

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Please measure the pitch, or space between the pins from center to center, this will also help our search.

Hello! Thanks for your help. The destroyed connector is missing a substantial part of its “pin” so I don’t think the height below is correct, but it needs to fit over the bent “pin” of metal I believe.

L: 10 mm
W: 7 mm
H: 7 mm

The “pins” on the mating connector appear to be bent over a plastic ledge, with a thickness of around 1.5mm. Mating connector dimensions are below, based on the pictures I took with a measuring tape.

L: 9.5 mm

W: 5.5 mm

H: 6 mm

Pitch between “Pins”: 5 mm