Need help finding the correctly size shunt jumper

We are using a TSW-103-05-S-S header and the shunt jumpers we have on hand are do not properly fit on the pins. I believe the problem is just the length of the pins as the pitch seems to be correct. Could someone help identify shunt jumpers which will properly work with this type of header? Thanks!


The exposed pin length on those is indeed fairly short–I wouldn’t be surprised if jumpers designed for longer pins would have a tough time staying put.

First off, I’d locate the product family of interest:

Then I’d select products with appropriate contact form, pitch, and indicated length less than to a bit longer than the post length on your header; the types that are capped/pull tab equipped will be a bit longer than the posts,and you’d want to specify enough length to capture those, if that type is of interest. You might as well also specify the number of positions you want (I assume the typical 1x2 is what you’re after…) Might as well select the typical stock options while you’re at it as well.

From there, I’dsort by price ascending and take a careful look at the height and product photos to see which of the options look like good candidates. SNM-100-BK-T looks like a good option to me, and a quick look at the datasheet indicates that it’s compatible with the .025" contacts of your header.

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This is great, thanks for walking through the process of identifying this component Rick!