Need help identification of part or equivalent to use

can anybody help me find a part above in pic or tell me what part i could use it has 3 wires coming out a white a black and a green/yellow

many thanks

Hello Wayne, welcome to the Digi-Key TechForum.
This looks like a film capacitor array, which has 2 capacitors in one package.
Each looks to be rated for 0.1uf, 250VAC. The +0.015 would be the tolerance (-0%, +15%). Max operating temperature would be 85 degrees C. The Yellow/Green wire is probably the common lead for both, but you would have to check your circuit to be sure.
We do not have a double capacitor like this. If you can use two single capacitors, Click here for a few available options.

Maybe one of the engineers may have some other recommendations, and can add to this post.

Thanks David
I can’t get hold of Uk wiring dig for the 240v version, but the 3 wires connect into to the 240v white to neutral brown to live and yellow and green to earth

Multi-section capacitors of that sort are fairly common in mass-market products, but not nearly as much as an item of trade in the standard component market. The best we’d have to offer in a replacement would probably be a pair of single devices of similar specification, examples of which could be found here.

The most likely use would be as y-capacitors, running between the AC leads and earth ground.