Need help identifying a component from Nintendo GameCube

Hi. I need to indentify this component. It’s from a Nintendo GameCube model DOL-001 with motherboard model DOL-CPU-11.

The component should have 8 legs and it’s labeled as “MAE 1Y3”.

Is there any replacement for this component on Digikey? Thanks in advanced.


I am sorry to say that I am not able to verify that item either.
Would you have data on what that chip’s function would have been?

Another person had the same problem. His chip was mared as “MAE 213” and inthe same thread I found this:

“The original GameCube regulator provides a built in thermal protection circuit. What this does is protect your cube from catching fire or melting down if you do not have it cooled properly by cutting the power if the cube gets too hot. I highly recommend hooking this line back up if you are keeping the original GC regulator.”