Need help identifying a resistor

I need help identifying the resistors in the picture. Both are the same but one very clearly has a hole in it. Thanks

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. I’m not 100% sure on the color bands, looks like yellow, violet, black, gold which would be a 47 ohm, 5%. Can you verify the colors I have are correct? Here are some options for 47 ohm resistors. Can you also give the diameter and length of the resistor body so we can narrow the list down, thanks.

Hi, thanks for the response. The colors are yellow, violet, gold, gold. The diameter of the body is 0.09375 (3/32) of an inch and the length is about 0.234375 (7.5/32) of an inch. The lead diameter is about 0.03125 (1/32) of an inch. Thanks

Thanks for the information. Yellow, violet, gold, gold is a 4.7 ohm , 5% resistor , here’s an option to take a look at.

Thanks so much

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