Need help ID'ing crimped terminals

2000 Jeep Cherokee rear hatch terminals.



Do you have any pictures of the housing that these contacts go into? With all the contacts out there it is often easier to identify the exact contact by the housing.

Here is the housing that the terminals went into (by the way thank you so much… this has been a yearslong journey that has been put on hold due to lack of success):

I will also include the mating terminal in the next reply.

Here is the terminal block that it mates to:

I also have a second terminal that I need help with identification that I was going to post in a separate post. it is a female terminal that mates to the six-pin connector on the left in the below picture.

Hello Cassovel, thank you for your inquiry, but unfortunately, we are unable to identify this connector housing as something we carry. Perhaps we could find a close terminal option if we search by the wire gauge used?

I’m pretty sure the wow is 18 gauge, according to a wiring schematic in my repair manual.