Need part suggestion

I need MIL grade part numbers for the following parts:

  1. ADV7511KSTZ
  2. ADV7123KSTZ50
  3. 88E1111-B2-BAB1I000 (Marvell)
  4. USB3320C-EZK
  5. HI-6135PCIF
  6. PM-DB2762
  7. PM-DB2764
  8. ASP-134603-01
  9. AM26LV32EIPWR
  10. AM26LV31EIPWR
  11. 8T49N241
  12. 3D3D16G72WB2723
  13. 3DS S24G08VS3626
  14. 1-1469492-8 (TE)

Please ensure that its functionality,application should not change in the process of suggesting military grade part number.

Here is a link of what we have for mil spec
but we do not have the Mil-Spec Certificates so we can not sell them as mil spec certified parts.