Need Pogo pins for 230Vac

Seeking a Pogo pin rated for 230 Vac, 2A. Thanks!


Thank you for contacting the Digi-Key Technical Forum. Well this information is not something we an search for. I have looked at the data sheets and they do list the current rating and some will list the dielectric rating. So far I have not seen any that have listed the voltage rating. Without having any other information , it is jsut going through each data sheet. I would recommend narrowing down the type you need on our website on what might work. Then checking the data sheet. Here is a link to the options:

I would not have any idea just by looking at the part numbers what might meet your criteria. Sorry. One of the Manufacturer’s might know , but they would need to know the otehr parameters also. Unfortunately I do not know the series that would work without looking at each data sheet.

Thanks. I also put the question to Mill Max. Many of their Pogos are rated to only 100V.

Single pogo pins are in the family linked above–arrays of such gathered into a housing are here.

One’s not terribly likely to find voltage ratings on single contacts, since in connector terms that’s a usually matter of creepage/clearance/insulation breakdown between adjacent pins. Which are hard to find when there’s only one… Looking at multi-position devices with larger pitch will tend to point a person in the direction of higher-capacity devices.

Note that the current ratings on these devices pertains to conduction, not so much interruption. I’d expect that most pogo pins wouldn’t much appreciate being called upon to interrupt loads at the 4-500 watt levels indicated.